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Archive for November, 2010

Everything you need to know

By Robert Hof

Consumers today are so fortunate to have a wealth of information available at the stroke of a key. Sorting through that information is another story. When is information disinformation? When is it just plain wrong? Searching online can sometimes even be hazardous. It is my policy to use only the most reliable sources when researching information about the housing market and one of my primary sources is always CMHC – Canada Mortgage and Housing. Reports on just about everything related to housing can be found there.

For anything you need to know, add CMHC to your favourites. You can find it at

The condo boom and what it means

By Robert Hof

I recently came across a very interesting article in a very interesting magazine,  entirely devoted to condominiums. The article entitled Condo Boom Illustrates a Market out of Whack  is itself is taken from the Montreal Gazette but the perspective could equally apply to Ottawa. If you would like to take a couple of minutes to read it, it can be found at

For ongoing condo information I recommend Condo Business magazine at It is not specifically focussed on Ottawa but contains excellent  general information for the condo owner.