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Getting ready to sell

Janis Weaver of Personal Touch Home Cleaning has some excellent tips…


Increase the selling price of your home with professional cleaning

FRONT – walkway, flower beds, lights and front porch.

EXTERIOR – front door, sidelight windows, transom, mailbox, house numbers, front light fixture, exterior mats and threshold.

FRONT ENTRANCE – floor, baseboards, closet doors, mats, walls, mirrors, light fixtures and switch plates – if needed, consider giving the walls and baseboards a fresh coat of paint.

HALLWAY – free of “stuff”, everything tidy, clean and clutter free. Replace hallway area carpets, if needed.

KITCHEN – cupboards (both sides and edges), shelves, handles, kick plate below cupboards, glass surfaces, minimal small appliances on counters, backsplash, countertops, baseboards, appliances (inside and out) including hood range. Store away excess items in cupboards so they appear spacious; add new mats and tea towels; fresh flowers and a bowl of lemons to give a fresh touch.

BATHROOMS – Need to be immaculate! Glass showers polished, mold removed from grout and caulking, tiles scrubbed, cupboards and shelves (interior and exterior), light fixtures and switch plates; exhaust fans dust free, toilet brushes and plungers stored out of sight. Fresh towels and “spa-like” decor.

FAMILY ROOM – Decluttered and simplified; bookshelves tidy and organized (at least one-third open space); store away personal memorabilia and extra “stuff”; fireplace (gas or wood) cleaned; furniture and window coverings in good condition (or replace); floors and baseboards, make sure there’s sufficient lighting.

BEDROOMS – Declutter, organize and tidy closets; store away any clothing not needed; clothes neatly hung and shoes organized; furniture and mirrors polished; personal items safely away; upgrade bedding, if need be.

BASEMENT – Depending on whether it’s finished, clean and tidy as best possible. Store offsite all extra possessions and boxes of “stuff” not needed and clean as thoroughly as possible. Don’t forget to clean the laundry appliances and top of hot water tank!


Cobwebs removed.

Marks, dirt and dust on walls, baseboards and door trim. Best investment – a fresh coat of paint.

Light fixtures and fans dusted, switch plates clean and undamaged; ensure all light bulbs work and match.

Mousetraps, ant traps, extermination products out of sight.

All window sills, light fixtures, door trim and baseboards dusted.

Pack up and store offsite extra furniture, appliances, decor, clothing and memorabilia to give the feeling of spaciousness.

All closets, drawers and shelves should only be two-thirds full.

Interior/exterior windows, tracks, and screens (including patio doors) should be professionally cleaned.

Carpets, drapes and blinds should be professionally cleaned, including stain removal and if necessary, replaced or removed completely.

Deal with any mould or odour issues (pets, smoking, paint, etc.). Unpleasant smells will deter potential buyers. Keep cat litter boxes cleaned regularly and, if necessary, hire a professional to remove offensive smells – it may even require some items being replaced, i.e. drapes, furniture, carpets.

Clean everything thoroughly, top to bottom, inside and out, and keep it clean until closing day. Exhausted & overwhelmed? Help is only a call away!

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