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Mortgage Rates – what’s happening?

By Robert Hof

More to the point, what’s going to happen? It seems to be agreed that we are in for a rise in interest rates – but when? how much? how should we handle it?

For some answers and projections visit Canadian Mortgage Trends at their website. It’s stuffed full of excellent information, well presented and up to the minute. A useful place to drop in every so often.

Ottawa real estate is in the summer doldrums as we head into August. People are on vacation and for many of us,  it’s just too hot to go looking for homes. Let’s wait until September seems to be the attitude. In September life gets real again and I’m confident that the market will start to buzz although it is unlikely that we will see the crazy sellers’ market that had us all hopping in the spring.  A balanced market is the key to happy buyers and satisfied sellers.

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