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Revving back up to speed

By Robert Hof

It’s been quite a while since my last blog posting, for which I apologize. I have been busy getting ready for the spring market which is a little late. Maybe this year we will have to wait for the crocuses on Parliament Hill to give the signal.

Many readers have expressed their enjoyment of Mark Weisleder’s excellent real estate columns which have regularly been reproduced here. Unfortunately “Moneyville”, the online magazine which has been our source for Mark’s articles is no longer. Mark is still writing those articles and his columns appear in the Toronto Star but for copyright reasons, we may no longer share them directly.

All is not lost however, as I will supply a link to Mark’s own newsletter regularly which in turn has links to the Star so you can still enjoy this superb resource for all matters real estate.

To make up for the missed items, here is the link to his newsletter.

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