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Should you tell the next buyer about a prior negative home inspection report?

By Robert Hof

Mark Weisleder has some really good information here! – Robert

“I am often asked what a seller is obligated to disclose to a future buyer if a prior buyer did not purchase because of a negative home inspection report? This raises many interesting issues, starting with the fact that a buyer is not obligated to share any home inspection report with a seller, unless it says so in the home inspection condition. But what if a buyer tells a seller about a major potential defect? Can the seller just fix the problem and say nothing further. Should the seller do further due diligence? And what duties does a real estate agent have if they know about the problem as well.

Please read the attached article about a recent case which attempted to deal with these issues. The moral of the story is it is always better to disclose problems in advance, instead of having to defend yourself in court.”

See the full Toronto Star article here:

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